Cocoa Invest: (For Moneytree Members)
  • The iStart MoneyTree Investment Club is a private venture and initiative of iStart Innovations Ltd. It is an Investment platform created to give our members the most simple and lucrative investment opportunity to invest their money wisely and create wealth with ease. It is aimed at motivating, guiding and assisting consistent members through a guided learning process to create wealth and formidable investment portfolio. As the investment opportunity platform for iStart Moneytree Members, the platform is set aside to give amazing rewarding opportunity to those who love to create wealth in a more easy way. With this, you get 20% ROI per annum gauranteed.
Company's Businesses
  • * Cocoa Business - Loetue Pure Cocoa Powder
  • * Production of other products - Moringa, Coconut Oil etc
  • * Education – 4 Network of Schools (Nur, Pry and Secondary)
  • * Real Estate
  • * Intellectual Properties
  • * Printing & Publishing i.e Money Making Digest
  • * Farming of Cash Crop Farming in 2018 i.e Yam, Cassava etc…
Becoming A Member
  • For many who desire to achieve financial freedom and secure their future but they don't know HOW, the iStart MoneyTree Investment Club is fully available for your vantage. So you don't have to worry anymore. We take the pressure off you and help you to make the transition to your desire future! Remember, no one will plan your future for you without your active involvement.
  • Types
  • A. MoneyTree CLASSIC - As low as N5,000 monthly
  • B. MoneyTree PREMIUM - Minimum of N100,000
  • 1. You invest and go to sleep while your money works for you.
  • 2. You get guaranteed of 20% Returns on your Investment (ROI) per annum Guaranteed.
  • 3. You enjoy free products from the company
  • 4. You investment is a surety capital for any future business
  • 5. You become a millionaire with ease.
How to Join?
  • 1. Obtain an application form of N2,500 from our Corporate Office.
  • 2. Become a member with N2,500 – a onetime due
  • 3. Start your investment according to your future desire and dreams
  • For more info: Call: +234 8022868692