Our Amiable Compensation Plan
  • 1. 40% Retail Profits:
  • 2. 5% Personal Business Volume (PBV):
  • 3. Instant Gas Burner Motivational Bonus (MB):
  • 4. Instant 6.7% Referral Bonus monthly Alert to Infinity
  • 5. 3% Team Sales Volume to Infinity:
  • 6. 60% Leadership Motivational Award:
  • 7. Monthly Performance Award (Highest Recruiter and Highest Sales):
  • 8. Quarterly Business Volume Award:
  • 9. Global Pool for Leadership Training & Promos:
  • 10. 8% to 15% VSP Service Centre Bonus
1. 40% Retail Profits:
  • The first on the compensation plan is the Retailing Profit. This is the profit every of our distributors make on all our products. By becoming a Distributor, you get a huge chance of making minimum of 40% Retail profit from our Cocoa Products most especially the big bottle of 400g. Thou retailing profits vary from one product to the other and the various sizes too. But one amazing thing about our products and the way people are making millions from it is that we have given a huge benchmark on the prices for our distributors hereby making our distributors to make huge retailing profits from all our products because they buy directly from the company and sell to the end users even above recommended prices.
2. 5% Personal Business Volume (PBV):
  • The Personal Business Volume is the huge bonus the company pays you on the volume of products you purchase per month. If you order products worth N1m, you tend to get 5% of that amount paid back into you back account at the end of the month. That’s really amazing. Whatever amount you purchase per month, 5% of it is paid back into your bank account at the end of the month.
3. Instant Gas Burner Motivational Bonus (MB):
  • Do not forget this is a Networking Business and that’s what makes it very exciting because of the Passive income millions of people are making form the business. MB is the instant gift the company gives you from referring just 3 people to the business. So your first 3 people you refer to the business will earn you a FREE brand new Gas Burner or something equivalent, just to say thank you.
4. Instant 6.7% Referral Bonus monthly Alert to Infinity
  • Apart from the Gas Burner, the company also has a Seven (7) Level referral bonus of 6.7% to infinity generated for you. This is the instant Cash you earn as referral bonus from all the registration fee of the people you referred or introduced to the business from the first person to infinity. How is this possible? Yes it is!. When you register, you are been given a Code or ID Number in which you use to identify yourself and make all your purchases. This same number will be used alongside with the number of the person you refer. With this technology, You continue to collect 6.7% from all registration fee of the people you refer. Currently Registration is N7,500, so you get a rounded of N500 from each registration automatically sent into your online wallet and thereafter transferred to your Bank account by month end. So the more new members that join the business through you, the more money the company pays into your bank account on monthly basis. It’s just an appreciation bonus to say thank you.
5. 3% Team Sales Volume to Infinity:
  • This is one of the most amazing bonuses designed to create passive income for our members. You get 3% Team Sales Bonus on all products bought by all refers that you referred to the business regardless under who the person is registered. So if you put effort and introduce 100 people, even if it is just 20 of them are buying products regularly, imagine how much the company will be paying you from their Sales. Remember, all bonuses are paid directly into your bank account.
6. 60% Leadership Motivational Award:
  • This leadership motivational bonus is designed to appreciate and deliver amazing motivations for all distributors according to their performances. As a networking platform, we have designed an easy to do 2x3 force matrix (Spill Over/Spill Under) whereby all member can grow to the ladder top with ease. From the Beginner Stage as a Distributor to the Gold Stage which is stage 6, 60% of total income on membership is allotted to this award so all our distributors are motivated and appreciated for their continuous referral effort. Below are the amazing gifts attached:
  • -- Introductory/Feeder Stage (Distributor) - Instant Gas Burner Plus N3,000

  • --Stage 1 (Leader) - Home Theater Plus N7,000

  • --Stage 2 (Manager) - Refrigerator & Generator Plus N100,000

  • --Stage 3 (Ruby) - Dubai Trip & Keke NAPEP Plus N200,000

  • --Stage 4 (Diamond) - Car Worth N3.5m

  • --Stage 5 (Platinum) - Jeep Worth N7m

  • --Stage 6 (Gold) - 3Bed Flat Dethatched House Worth N12m

7. Monthly Performance Award
   (Highest Recruiter and Highest Sales):
  • This is the award given to the Highest Recruiter or Highest Sales person of the month. The award varies from Brand New Android Phone, Washing Machine, Deep Fryer, Oven etc. Every effort of our distributors is never neglected. Here we recognize Distributors effort and say a Big Thank You for their efforts by awarding them something pleasant and significant..
8. Business Volume Award:
  • This is the Award given to members based on the cumulative Business Volume or Sales made over a period of 3 months. This ranges from DVD Player to 32” Flat Screen to Deep Freezer and many more depending on the categories.
9. Global Pool for Leadership Training & Promos:
  • This is the bonus given to all members of the company, distributors and investors to appreciate their regular patronage. The company often throws out Promos and Free corporate leadership and business development training for our distributors from the pool of profits of the company.
10. 8% to 15% VSP Service Centre Bonus
  • This is the Bonus enjoyed by major Distributor of the company called the VSP - Volume Sales Points. All of these VSPs buy in large quantity hereby becoming Volume sales points at various strategic locations across the country and get this bonus in for of Discounts on the volume of product purchased. They get the products at even more cheaper prices than all other distributors. To be a VSP, you must have had nothing less than 30 Downlines/Refers and must be able to busy at least stock up to 85 packs of any of our range products to start.