Q1. Why should I join iStart Moneytree?
  • Ans - 1. Gives you an amazing business and money making opportunity in Cocoa business locally and make a great fortune so as achieve your financial dream.
  • Ans - 2. The Products provides amazing Health Solution to millions of people.
  • Ans - 3. Serves as your own product for exchange of money.
  • Ans - 4. You profit from the Business Opportunity it offers and the passive income it’s creating for millions of people.
  • Ans - 5. Gives you the capacity to grow in cocoa business without any major set-up capital. So you are in Million Naira Cocoa business with just small startup sign up fee (N7,500) – No more problem of huge distributorship capital.
  • Ans - 6. You buy directly from the Company and join the network of people helping people.
  • Ans - 7. Give investment opportunities to members to invest in the company.
  • Ans - 8. The Company gives you FREE Publicity and Training Support to grow your cocoa business
  • Ans - 9. Enjoy unimaginable Bonuses for referring others and Enjoy FREE amazing Travels and Luxury Vacations and Other unbelievable Bonuses like Housing allowance, Car Bonus, Retirement Bonus and Business loans for expansion.
  • Ans - 10. Join the group of few who want to make millions from natural resource aside crude oil. By joining the Moneytree Network of Distributors, you are in business of YOUR OWN by YOUR OWN.
Q2.How Does it Work?
  • Ans - It is a network and to be a Distributor, you must first register with a non-refundable fee of N7,500 payable into the company’s account. Within 24hours after your payment is confirmed, the company generates a PIN/ ID number for you which gives you the legal ground to buy directly from the company. You can go online with the PIN to do your registration or ask your referral to help you. Once that is done, you are officially registered into the company’s database as a distributor and you can start buying any of the company’s products at company prices. With your registration, you are also entitled a Starters Pack comprising a Carry-on bag, a Small size flex Banner for outdoor advert, Flyers/Handbills and the company’s Digest. You can click on the link -Products to see our ranges of products and their prices. Apart from buying products and making huge retailing profits, you are also expected to introduce the business to other people and register at least three (3) other people. Your three (3) people will also register or refer three (3) people each which make it easier for you to form a team. And as a team, you continue to build your network and grow it as quick as you can so that in space of 6months or more you and your team can achieve your desired result of plenty rewards. – See Motivational Award on the Compensation Page for more details.
Q3. How Do I Register?
  • Ans - All Registration Fee is paid/transferred directly into the companies account iStart Innovations Ltd. GT Bank account 0125951851, and then you present your teller for further receipt and collection of your Starters Pack. For those outside Lagos State, or far from the Company’s Ikeja Head Office, you can call the office Customers Care number directly on +234 8022868692 to notify us about your payment and your kit can be way-billed to your location on request.
Q4. How Do I Order Products from outside Lagos.
  • Ans - Our products are currently way-billed to almost 30 States in Nigeria and beyond. When you make payment for products, you are expected to add money for logistics. Then our logistic manager will help you to get the products to the park for further transportation to your location. You need to also note that products prices in other states are not the same with Lagos so please get comprehensive details about products pricing
Q5. Are Your Products NAFDAC Approved?
  • Yes!
Q6. How can I make Huge Money from Being a Member/Distributor?
  • Ans - Ans - Be a Distributor first, then you order any of our products (Loetue Pure Cocoa etc) at company price. You make so much huge Retail Profit and also get to start collecting so much Motivational Bonuses by introducing the company to people and getting them to register as distributors like you too. From your first 3people you introduce, the company will give you a GoTV Decoder or Gas Burner instantly. Pls visit the Compensation Plan page for more information
Q7. Is the Company Registered?
  • Ans - iStart Innovations Ltd is a registered company with amazing team guys working tirelessly behind the scene. It’s a fast growing company with unprecedented spirit of growth. The company has grown in leaps and bounds in just five years recording amazing testimonies of changed lives from our products. The company has also increased in product range and is currently diversifying into Education, real estate etc.
Q8. How Reliable is this program? Is it a foreign Program?
  • Ans - This is NOT a foreign program. The iStart Moneytree is 100% indigenous and registered. Amazingly, the iStart Moneytree is the FIRST and currently the ONLY Indigenous Network Marketing Company with Own-Products producing Supplements locally. The company has a factory in Ogun State and a research lab in Lagos.
Q9. What other benefits is available on the Platform?
  • Ans - There are other various benefits on the iStart Moneytree platform. Our regular Wealth Creation and Multiple Streams of income Seminars, Free Sill acquisition and Empowerment Training and an amazing Investment Opportunity all made available to all our members. Once you are a Distributor, you start enjoying all of the above. You can click on Cocoa Invest to know more on how you can invest and earn up to 20% ROI gauranteed.
Q10. Is Business Opportunity For Lagos people only?
  • Ans: NO. Our Wealth Creation and Multiple Streams of Income Seminars; and Free Skill Acquisition and Empowerment Training are also organized outside of Lagos on request. Our members are instrumental to these Seminars and Training. If you want us to bring our Seminars and Training to your State, kindly contact us through the Customer Care Line:+234 8022868692
Q11. How do I Get Seminar Materials?
  • Ans. You can always Order for Seminar/Publicity Materials by calling the Customer care
  • Pack of Fliers = N2,000 (200 copies)
    Pack of Posters = N1,000 (200 copies)
    Big Banners = N2,000
    Moneytree Branded T-shirt = N2,000
Q12. Or Download Materials Designs Here and get it printed by yourself?