• "I have been a consumer of Loetue pure cocoa for 4years now. The reason I was introduced to the product was basically to have back my sweet 16 shape and to also have my flat tummy back after child birth. Within a period of 6 months, I was looking like a real model and everyone admired my look. But then, I didn't realize it was the cocoa because I took it as my tea and I kept enjoying it with my milk and sugar all these years till date. I realized the magical work of this product when I got pregnant of my third baby. Usually whenever am pregnant,I usually suffer from BP , swollen feet, swollen face and hands, overweight and other pregnancy related illnesses especially heartburn. But I never had all these at all throughout my nine months journey and I delivered through normal delivery a fat baby that weighed 3.6kg. Surpriselgly I never gained weight at all, it was my baby that kept adding and I was super strong and active to do my daily routines and other commitments at work and church plus social gatherings. And within two weeks of delivery, I was healed of the vaginal cuts gotten while delivering my baby. My baby's skin is so charming and she has very strong bones. I don't know where to begin and end, all I can I say is that Loetue pure cocoa for me is my beverage for life because it is indeed a wonder beverage that does so much in our health. I don't look like a mum of three (lol) and I am also happy that everyone I had introduced this beverage to, remains thankful and faithful to the beverage. God bless ISTART INNOVATIONS LTD for this wonder-working beverage!!!!"



  • "I was introduced to this beverage for cough problem and as I took it with my milk and sugar, persistent cough I usually suffer from all these years, was cured instantly. This beverage is really cool and a MUST TASTE by everyone around Africa and beyond. I remain thankful to the sweet lady that introduced me to this beverage."



  • "I was recommended to take this beverage that it help to regulate my blood sugar because I am diabetic. Since I have been taking it (November 2018 till date) it has really transformed my health. My BP and blood sugar are all in normal state and am looking very fit and healthy. God bless the company for this wonderful invention."



  • "I am referred to as Cocoa Master by everyone, especially those who have benefited immensely from the LOETUE PURE COCOA. I was introduced to the product late 2018 but ever since it has been a great source of energy. I sold this product to a colleague whose mother has been down with BP, on sighting the product by her Dr, he was like where did her son get the product from? Just imagine a medical Doctor recommending it. A great natural manpower too, confessed by my numerous male customers. Each I take it, I sleep very, my remembering capacity is boosted as it helps my brain cells. I don't forget things easily. My testimonies are inexhaustible but lastly, a female friend of mine whose boyfriend put in thinking, thereby increasing her BP, when I introduced our dear LOETUE Cocoa to her, it came down drastically. My customers are my advertising agents without pay. LOETUE COCOA na Baba."



  • "Someone I sold cocoa for,told me that she is always having abdominal pain but after using our product that she is ok now One said she is always having constipation but after using cocoa ,she is ok I sold for one man after taking it for like one week he said his belly went down.in fact he so Happy Then my hubby use to have cough,but now cough is nowhere to be found Loetue cocoa is the best.so many testimony"



  • "My husband And I always suffer from body ache every morning because of our old mattress. Since february i was introduced to this beverage, we have always been sleeping and waking up very strong, without pains like babied. Thanks Istart Innovations”"